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PhD Timeline

A CHASE PhD Timeline

Every PhD journey is different but here is an indication of some of the events, opportunities and academic milestones.

  • On Arrival: Institutional Induction
  • Within First Month: First supervision - agree upon supervisory relationship and schedule of work. Complete RDF Planner and identify training needs
  • Autumn Encounters
  • Summer Encounters
  • Complete probation review/upgrade
  • Attend a conference and give a paper  
  • Consider a CHASE placement for year 2 or 3

  • Teaching: Institutional opportunities to gain teaching  experience for students wishing to pursue an academic career
  • Autumn Encounters
  • Organise a conference or symposium (see here for ways to advertise this to the CHASE cohort and here for support funding)
  • Summer Encounters
  • Undertake an international research trip (see p.12)

  • Think about an external examiner and discuss with your supervisors  
  • Autumn Encounters
  • Begin writing up process
  • 30 Months: Begin preparations for the submission process
  • Begin to think about and apply for post-doctoral research grants and/ or employment
  • June: Summer Encounters
  • After 36 Months: Submission followed by Viva examination  
  • Consider submitting an article to a peer-reviewed journal  
  • Viva examinations will usually take place within 6 months of 

Note: part-time doctoral research will include the same features over a longer time-frame