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Matter of the Archive

Network: The Matter of the Archive before 1700   

Medieval and Early Modern Coinage

Friday 15 December | Lunch 1pm, Workshop: 14.00-16.00/16.30
Hands-on workshop at the British Museum, led by Dr Martin Allen (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge). 

This is a workshop for all medievalists and early modernists - historians, literary scholars, art historians and beyond - who are looking to learn more about coins and monetary systems. The session is conceived as a focussed introduction, and source of inspiration, for people working broadly on the middle ages and early modern period in Europe (including the British Isles). This will not be an encyclopaedic course on coins, but rather a means by which scholars who don’t often work on coins can engage with the field of numismatics and its relationship to wider historical questions. It will be an opportunity to handle medieval and early modern coins. Additionally, we’d like to give people a sense of what they might ask of coin evidence in relation to other research questions, in terms of find spot, provenience, coins as currency and as non-currency, and about the relations between coins and ‘states’. How might one consider and carry out research on a medieval or early modern coin encountered as a single object, in a collection, or a painting, or referred to in a text, and how might we think broadly about the existence of coins in medieval Europe (eg systems of iconography, units of account/exchange, artefacts within a long chain of production)? How ought the non-specialist approach issues of iconography, dies, fineness, etc. when we see them discussed in numismatic literature? 

There will be an informal lunch at a café nearby, more details to come. 

Places are limited so please reserve your spot. Academics from CHASE institutions can have their travel reimbursed, more details to come.

Future sessions in 2018 are currently being planned.

Caption: Coin of King Edward III (1327-77), British Museum, inv. no. 1946,1004.584

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