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Critical Excursion

The City Walk: Space, Place and the Walking Tour

Friday 28th April, 1pm – 6pm

Navigating through Borders: 

An Interdisciplinary Research Residency

On this critical excursion, we aim to explore the role of the self-guided walking tour in space/place creation. Following the “Finance at your Feet” City Walk map provided by City of London, we will conduct a group tour through part of the financial district. Throughout, we will critically examine the re-imagining of these spaces by City of London, and think through the significance and impact of tourism discourses on experiences of place.


Next Critical Excursion


27 May

More information coming soon

Our walk will also provide opportunities to reflect on the forgotten or alternative histories—and personal narratives—which cumulatively layer experiences of space and place. We will consider how the “official” narratives formed by the tour intersect with other lived or remembered experiences of these places; and indeed, considerhow these experiences are often overlooked in favor of “those stories that are easy to tell and, indeed, to sell” (Markwell et al. 2007: 459).

By 3.30pm we will aim to settle at The Dickens Inn (St Katharine's Way, St Katharine's & Wapping, London E1W 1LA) in order to discuss our two key readings: “Footsteps and memories: Interpreting an Australian urban landscape through thematic walking tours” (Markwell et al. 2007), and “Walking, Emotion, and Dwelling: Guided Tours in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn” (Bendiner-Vlani 2005).

The walk component of the excursion will take no more than 45 minutes at a leisurely pace. If you have any accessibility issues please do let us know and we will adapt the route accordingly.

Walking Tour Map:

Essential Readings:

Markwell, Kevin, Deborah Stevenson, and David Rowe (2007) “Footsteps and memories: Interpreting an Australian urban landscape through thematic walking tours”, International Journal of Heritage Studies, 10 (5): 457-473.

Bendiner-Vlani, Gabrielle (2005) “Walking, Emotion, and Dwelling: Guided Tours in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn”, Space and Culture, 8 (4): 459-471.

Further Reading:

City of London (2013) “Visit the City: Visitor Strategy 2013-2017”. Online at:

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de Certeau, M. (1984). The practice of everyday life. Berkeley: University of California Press.

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The registration is now closed. The next Critical Excursion will be on the 27 May. Details will be released shortly.