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Communicating your research

Communicating your research

We are looking to schedule two workshops for the autumn term and would like to work with you to find the best possible date for these.
Both workshops will take place in London with venue TBC.

Run by Media Players International, these two one-day workshops will help you understand what makes for good communication through the general media and through short podcasts, the two most useful vehicles for reaching the public. They also directly address the issues of impact and media strategy required by the Research Excellence Framework.

The two workshops are stand alone and can be signed up to individually or as a pair. Please use the Doodle Poll links below and respond by Tuesday 12 September.

Workshop One – Media Skills – Please indicate which date works best for you here (or select both if no preference)
This interactive workshop leads from identifying the elements of a good media story in academic research, through the challenges of dealing with the media and the competing pressures of academic and journalistic methods to final on-camera interviews and playback analysis.

Workshop Two – Preparing an Effective Podcast – Please indicate which dates are preferable to you (please select all if no preference)

This one day workshop will help you to pitch your podcast correctly to the target audience, to organise your thoughts and consider the best ways to present them. We will give you the skills to present the podcast in a talk format, and the interviewing skills to make an interview/conversation style podcast.

Due to the early start of workshop, CHASE will be able to support accommodation the night before.

This is not a registration form, but a way to gauge interest and select the best day. A separate signup process will take place once a date has been identified.

There is no need to fill in the above polls if the training is not of interest to you.

If you are unable to make any of the dates but would like to register your interest should the workshops be run again, please indicate this on the above polls.